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Gaining Fitness

You posed your hand in yoga, moulded it in massage, held it in counselling... Why not strengthen this intricate instrument in fitness?

Stabilise and stretch with our wide-ranging Sports Med products, fun to use and easy to purchase. Lift heart rates to your body weight in studio, the wilderness, or any other venue.

Confide in us your boldest goals and we will obliterate them with personalised programmes to suit. Grow with us as we expand from retailing professional home-based workout products, to hosting medium-intensity group exercise networks that compliment and challenge even the most stubborn of lifestyles.

You may have tried everything, but let us first remove the elephant in the room for your safety and success. Underpin your secret motivations with our guided process of intention.

Our traditional Ayurveda, contemporary scientific research, and inter-cultural understandings will carefully polish the City of Jewels shining in you.

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