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Accelerate recovery and maintain wellbeing through the breath of word and perspective. Our counselling is research based, integrating science and spiritualism to heal the mind and body.

We specialise in family, business and youth services (free for those aged under 25), offering personalised sessions and support groups for people experiencing similar symptoms, e.g. anxiety. Our counsellors also have experience in the LGBTIQA sector and organisational psychology to support workplace wellbeing.

Feel enlightened, raise confidence and discover a sense of meaning and purpose to suit your unique energies. Our services aim to support emotional processing and direction in life.

Our counsellor Claudia has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (Hons) and more than seven years of industry experience.

We provide general counselling for youth and adults from all backgrounds. Our services are client specific and may be solution-focused, involve depth psychology, expressive therapies (art, dance, music), mind-body work, and faith-based change.

Free assessment and one-on-one counselling is available for young people aged 10-25. Youth clients can bring as many support people as they wish to the sessions. Ask us about a fully funded referral from Medical & Injury, who are funded for this by Health HB.

Talking in a safe and energetically sensitive environment is beneficial for everyone. Our counselling services offer an opportunity for self-exploration, clarity, support in times of change or crisis and development of coping strategies. Talk to us about funding options.

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  • 11 Donnelly Street, Havelock North