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Get a Helping Hand

Catalyse the recovery process or maintain wellbeing with a breath of word and perspective.

Our counselling is psychologically informed, specialising in psychosomatics to reveal bodily wisdom and unconscious intelligences. Feel enlightened and free, raising not only confidence and self-esteem, but also a sense of meaning and purpose to suit your own unique energies.

Depending on the need, we provide general counselling for youth and adults of varying backgrounds. It may be solutions-focussed, involve depth Psychology, expressive therapies (art, dance, music), mind-body work, and faith-based change. Access financial cover for the short or long term, including crisis and brief interventions.

It is free assessment and counselling for mild-moderately troubled young persons aged 10-25 years, one-on-one or with as many support persons as they may wish. Ask us about a fully funded referral from Medical & Injury.

Talking in a safe and energetically sensitive environment is for everyone. Worried or well, Kiwi male or “Other”, born and unborn – the mind is registering. There are several funding options to consider!

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